Yoga therapy is a non-invasive approach to teaching an individual rather than a particular pose. It looks at the whole picture and how to best integrate aspects of health and wellness through all that yoga has to provide. Yoga therapy can be a lens in which to look at the pathology of disease from a different angle. It assists with healing pre and post surgery, pre and post injury, as well as the everyday affects of work and life and in the process, healing of the spirit. It is an invitation to learn and create awareness of imbalances and symptoms and an avenue to create a pathway back to balance. It is both a personal and inter-personal journey approached with kindness to the body, mind, and spirit.

I found Sally at a very low point in my life. I had been extremely ill for a couple of years and depressed because I had no energy. I don’t remember what spurred me on to try Sally’s class but it was a Godsend.  Sally is such a gentle yet powerful instructor that always seems to know exactly what her yogis need! She is very clear in teaching and demonstrating as well as explaining what muscles, tendons ect. are being directly affected.  Strengthening and enhancing flexibility are just part of the wonderful experience of Sally’s classes. The other huge benefit is the mental sense of well being that stays with you all day!!!  My health has returned to better than ever before and I will always go to Sally’s class when ever my time allows. If you are contemplating yoga, Sally is the girl for you.
Thank you so much Sally for sharing your amazing talent and shining your beautiful light on all of us.

Peggy Bleckov

I always thought I was lazy and not at all disciplined as I could never seem to stick with much on any kind of exercise. I am a Realtor and went to interview for a listing but the lady said she made a mistake on time and was rushing off to a yoga class because she liked the instructor so much. Aha! I’ll go to one class and win her listing…she didn’t show but to my greatest surprise I left there feeling so at ease. Sally said I had a body built for yoga…that seed of encouragement was all it took for me to blossom. It’s been nearly a year, I am dedicated to being good to myself and my time on a 24 x 68 inch square of foam is my release from tension, my place to honor myself and my spot to just be me.
I can’t say enough about the changes this beautiful, encouraging down-to-earth woman has made in my life and I am forever grateful for her giving me back to me.

Char Wolters

I have dabbled in yoga over the years but never stayed with it consistently. A few years ago as a big milestone birthday was approaching I was becoming more and more aware of stiffness, lack of flexibility and knots in my shoulders that would not go away. So I signed up for a yoga class with Sally Anderson, just one day a week to start and I loved it. I couldn’t believe that within a few months the knots in my shoulder were gone and my posture was improved. Then I added another class and slowly released my overly tight quads. I cannot believe how much more freely I am moving. I’ve been taking three classes a week for a couple of years now and the improvements in my body are amazing. Sally is the best instructor! She is so encouraging and supportive and knowledgeable. And the studio space she has created just warms my heart every time I step into the space.

Pat Milliman

Sally Anderson has been my yoga instructor for over 5 years and counting. In over 50 years of doing yoga, she is one of the best teachers I have had. I have benefitted so much from her approach to therapeutic yoga, and credit her with helping me heal from injuries and maintain a high quality of physical health and stamina. Sally approaches yoga keeping in mind its ancient roots and practices while adapting to the diversity of the community she shares her gifts and talents with.

Catherine J Meyers