Hatha Yoga – Level 1-2 and Level 1-3

Each class includes a blend of breath awareness, mindfulness, and sequencing developed to provide a certain physical and esoteric opening within the mind and body through practice. These classes not only work on the physical asana or posture, but the energetic system of yoga with a mix of yoga for the seasons (Ayurveda), and exploration of the balance between alignment and play, all done within the lens of yoga therapy. Different areas of focus are rotated through to give a unique and broad experience of yoga.

Therapeutic Specialty Class

This class combines all of the Hatha Level 1-2 aspects with a full sequence. In addition, each week has a specific area of interest and focus that is a common concern for many. Topics include Yoga for Sciatic Pain, Yoga for a Healthy Back, Releasing Tension in the Neck and Shoulders, Knee Health and Alignment, and many more rotating topics with a sequence built around the focus to leave you feeling refreshed and with increased range of motion.

Gentle Yoga

These evening classes are designed to allow you to unwind after your day. Each movement is to be an expression of kindness to your body. Through this gentle movement you will have the opportunity to cultivate mindfulness, connect with your breath, restore the nervous system, and an opportunity to let go of fatigue, stress, and tension through this practice. Releasing tension in hips and shoulders is often addressed in this class.

Yoga for Strength and Conditioning

Finding strength through anabolic nervous system. This class uses a variety of props such as stability balls, blocks, foam rollers, and balance disks to break down key actions of the body needed for yoga practice and for activities of daily living. Building an internal strength targeting key muscles and retraining the body to use those muscles appropriately while finding stress relief in other chronically tight or overworking areas.

Shoulders and Hips

Just like it sounds. This gem of class has been a favorite with emphasis on using therapeutic yoga to address the issues of the hips and shoulders. This includes myofascial release as well as a series of yoga movements designed to open and create more range of motion for the body.

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